When times are tough, look for the helpers

We’re looking for helpers. Helpers have been the backbone of RAW since we started. Like many others, RAW has felt the effects of COVID-19 but we’re still pushing forward with our mission to drive powerful change.

We believe we are better together.
We know you feel the same.

A message from our Founder and CEO, Troy Roberts

So what can we do?


Virtually a different trip

We can’t host you on the ground this year, but we still have many vulnerable families who need our support — now more than ever. We invite you to journey with us online and experience a 5 day build project in real time. Become a Sidekick and choose your Hi-Vis Hero (aka one of our incredible Cambo RAW Crew) to work on your behalf.

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How does it work?

1. Choose your Hi-Vis Hero

To join The Sidekick Project, choose your Hi-Vis Hero. They'll be your hands and feet on the ground in Cambodia.

2. Start Fundraising

Set up your own online fundraising page and get cracking! Every dollar will help continue the work of RAW Impact

3. Be Part of the Journey

Stay tuned for regular updates, interact with The Sidekick Project community and watch the build project in real time.

Other ways to help


Give monthly support towards our RAW Crew local salaries on the ground in Cambodia.

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Donate towards our projects on the ground in Cambodia.

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About RAW

RAW Impact is all about giving a voice to those who have none and creating powerful change in Cambodian Villages. Continue to our website to find out more.

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