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What is The Sidekick Project?
It is a virtual trip where the participants (you) take part digitally, by supporting and empowering our local RAW team to do the actual work on a five day build project in Cambodia. It’s an innovative way to bring the most impactful moments of a RAW Trip experience to you using the power of media and the internet. We will be filming non-stop during the 5 days of the build and will be sharing it with you in real time. Brace yourself for front row seats to the beneficiary Family Project Handover. You can interact, comment and connect with trip participants and of course our RAW crew! In the lead up to the trip, you’ll receive regular updates and feature clips to prepare you for an incredible 5 day project experience as well as having opportunities to connect with The Sidekick Project community through online platforms.
What is a Sidekick?
A Sidekick lifts up and supports their mate. As a Sidekick, you will journey alongside your Hi-Vis Hero, championing them to be your hands and feet on the ground. You will raise much needed awareness and funds towards your Hi-Vis Hero as well as the EPM families we’re supporting.
What is a Hi Vis Hero?
Hi-Vis Heroes are our local RAW superheroes who are fighting in the trenches in Cambodia for vulnerable families. For 5 days in November they will be building safe housing and infrastructure for these families in your place! Our goal is for each Hi-Vis Hero to have as many sidekicks as possible!
When is the Project Trip happening?
Like all RAW trips, the journey begins as soon as you sign up! The actual build project dates are from Tuesday the 10th to Saturday the 14th of November, 2020. The project may be pushed back if necessary but it will definitely go ahead when it is safe to do so.
How do I sign up?
Register for The Sidekick Project by choosing your Hi-Vis Hero at, fill out the form, upload your pic and bio, and make a ‘Pay What You Want’ Sidekick-Starter to launch your Hi-Vis Hero’s impact journey. Share your story and invite your mates to join too.
How does ‘Pay what you Want’ work?
We believe in the power and impact of team trips. We considered charging a set price of $99, but realised this trip should be open to everyone, no matter your situation. ‘Pay What You Want’ allows you to choose how much you would like to donate to take part in this exciting trip experience. As it will be tax deductible, you can sign up for as low as $2. But please be generous as these funds go directly to supporting the people and families of RAW!
How much do I need to fundraise?
RAW exists solely through the generosity of our RAW community and trip participants. By fundraising, you will raise awareness and much needed funds for RAW’s people and projects. There is no minimum fundraising required, but we want to challenge you to commit to raise $500 or beyond! Share the story and give your Hi-Vis Hero a voice!